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We Carry Adult Knee Scooters for all sizes.

Rentals Start at 15.00 a week for a 250 lbs. Capacity. 

Heavy Duty \ Tall Knee Scooters with a 400 lbs. Weight capacity is 25.00 a week. Prices are for Store Pick Up. We do not ship rentals.

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Wheelchair and Transport Chair Rentals

Standard Chair Rentals are............30.00 a day

                                                          40.00 a week

                                                          70.00 a month


Heavy Duty Chair Rentals are........45.00 a day

                                                         75.00 a week

                                                       130.00 a Month

No deposit for local Residents, with I.D.


Standard Scooter Rentals with a weight capacity of 250 lbs. User must present I.D. to confirm weight does not exceed Manufacturers limit.

Rentals are.............  50.00 a day

                               130.00 a week

                               250.00 a month

Please call 916-427-1379 if you are looking to rent a heavy duty scooter, for availability and pricing.

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Semi Elec. Hospital Bed Rentals are,,, 200.00 a month

Full Elec. Hospital Bed Rentals are......300.00 a month

Full Electric means the floor to the top of the mattress height is powered up and down with the remote. The Semi Electric bed comes with a hand crank that is used to lower and raise the height of the bed. Both beds have powered head and feet lifts.